Are you...

Feeling depressed/anxious most of the time?
Feeling isolated and lonely?
Feeling restless, irritable and unhappy?
Feeling dissatisfied in your relationship/marriage?
Worried about someone's drinking/using?
Feeling overwhelmed about your work life?
Angry and over reactive to situations in your life?
Having difficulty dealing with conflicts?
Finding it difficult to deal with life on life's terms?

How to help someone who doesn't want help!

Today more people are becoming aware of the Intervention Process, which simply put, is a way of presenting the reality of the addict's addiction in a caring way so that it can be heard by the alcoholic/addict. Sometimes this happens when a friend or family member has the courage and insight to tell a loved one how their addiction is affecting them and those around him/her. The alcoholic experiences a moment of truth and seek help. Sometimes it requires the combined effort of
several family members, friends, employer etc. to break through the defense
system of the addict.

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What is Intervention

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